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Man and Van service to Spain with part loads or full loads to the Costa Del Sol, Costa Blanca covering all Spanish areas

Man and Van Spain expats returning to Spain

man and van to SpainMan and Van UK Removals to Spain.

Many from the United Kingdom wish to achieve the dream of someday moving abroad. Be it retirement, a new job or just the chance to change things up a little, more often than not the destination is Spain

Why Spain? Well Brits have been traveling there for decades. A short plane journey and great weather have always made it a hotspot destination for people of all ages and walks of life. Many have fallen in love with the country and choose to uproot theirs lives and move.

Recent years have seen a decline in the economy, so many assume that the dream of moving over to Spain from the UK is nothing more than that –a dream.

Man and Van UK Removals to Spain believe otherwise however. Having been at the forefront of the removal and relocation of British citizens to Spain for a number of years, what we see tells a different story, one telling us that this dream of moving on is not only an attainable one, but a lot easier than you may think. Taking bookings from across the nation, Man and Van UK Removals to Spain have seen a great number of increases of people making enquiries. Simply put the numbers are showing no signs of subsiding, with numerous interested UK nations wanting help with their move to Spain.

So why are so many continuing to relocate to sunny Spain? There are a plethora of reasons why 20people might fancy the adventure of moving from Britain to Spain.

Firstly, there is property – or more specifically the prices of property. Over in Spain property prices have never been lower! That’s why many are taking the chance to cash in while the market is good. It is a market for buyers, and buyers are finding themselves great deals on property across the country. What is better than getting a new property in Spain? Getting property in Spain at an amazing price!

The economy of Europe has been turbulent over the past few years to say the least, and with it the currency rates. However recent stability has made the pound stronger than it had been, so you are now getting the best value for the euro in years – a perfect time to capitalize when considering a move to Spain.

Unfortunately the UK weather is off putting too many, so if it’s a warmer climate they seek, there are plenty of choices across the world. The Mediterranean climate of Spain is well noted, and one of the reasons it is such a popular destination. No reason to spend a fortune going half way across the world for the sun!

Finally, we all know how hard it can be being away from loved ones. It’s a reason many will put off moving somewhere new, particularly when going as far as Spain. However, when you consider how far it really is, its and ideal location for people moving from Britain.

Only a few short hours on the plane, and easily reachable by vehicle, it is ideal for those who want to journey back and forth. Be it you have two homes or you like to visit those back home, Spain’s relative closeness to the UK makes it a perfect relocation destination, and another reason why so many chose to go there

Who is using man and van

Lots of small businesses are now using info graphics to get important messages across to their customers Manchester man and van has created their own quickly created info graphic, this is a rough mock up so please be understanding of the actual message it is trying to get across. Who is using a small removal company offering the man and van service now so popular with customers from all backgrounds and demographics. Stats can show variable like percentage of people using a man and van service averse to using big priced removal company.

1: Full house removals with more than one man to help with fully furnished house move
2: Part house moves with less furniture but still need additional skilled moving man
3: Office removals where the budget is not large enough for full removal team
4: Single item moves, delivering eBay items or store collections of larger furniture items
5: Students moving bags and boxes at the end of term either to new digs or back to parents
6 Young Professionals, Mostly renting Manchester city center furnished apartments

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Removals to France

Removals to your new place in France

So you’re moving to France? Most people choose to take some or all of their furniture and belongings with them to help them settle and feel at home in their new home in France. We can even deliver your DIY materials to your French building projects. You’ll have lots to think about and organise so let us worry about getting your belongings there. Removals to France is second nature to

removals to france

Man and van Removals to France with expert knowledge and experience moving people to France we will guide you through the procedure, and help every step of the way.
Removals to France are usually undertaken by road most European removal companies that work out of the UK will quote for French removals especially movers that do direct loads to Spain passing through France on the way. Depending on your date and budget requests Man and van France will tailor your proposal to suit your needs you are in a good bargain position for a part load to France.
Dedicated Load: A dedicated removal van with just your goods on board and porter team for removals to France is assigned to your move; dates are at your request for pick up and deliver to France. This type of move will not have any other part loads on board and is usually the costly option.
Direct Load: You select the date for the removals to France to meet your needs and you are the primary load however other customers with destinations en route may share the space on your vehicle to help keep your removal to France quote has low as possible.
Part Load: This will deliver your goods on arranged dates with yourself but may share a removal vehicle with other clients moving to France or Spain with goods on board. A date for pickup and delivery will be arranged before booking removals to France with a final delivery date established before the vehicle leaves.

Happy days relaxing in the pleasant sunshine with a glass of wine………………………..

Removals to Spain

Why move to Spain

With Nicks man and van to Spain More Than 550,000 Britons Now Own Property in Spain. The British are coming the British are coming. Well, yes, they are but, this time to Spain and not to Canada. The British are moving out of the UK in droves and are buying up property in Spain. One in three Brits wants to retreat to Spain. Spain is cheaper than the UK, has lovely weather all year round, Spaniards are friendly, the wine is great, and the Spanish government is very welcoming. I have been toying with the idea of moving to Spain. Spain really is heaven on earth.

Over half a million Brits now own property in Spain. In some small Spanish villages, they make up a large ratio of the population. More than 25% of them are qualified to vote in Spain on national issues, and voting rights on local issues look to be soon to follow. Spain is becoming home to the English, but why. The United Kingdom is one of the priciest countries in Europe. Taxes are high, the crime rate is rising, immigration is a mess, the weather is terrible, and a lot of British feel the government stopped listening to them years ago. In a sensible way, the removals to spainBritish, on the whole, are a really unhappy moaning people.

Many UK citizens will dream of one day removals to Spain and retiring in sunny Spain. After all, thousands of people have done so in the past, and thousands more are planning to do so in the future. Considering the many benefits of living in and buying property in Spain for your retirement such as the lower cost of living, excellent local cuisine and fantastic climate why wouldn’t you want to move to this beautiful country? When you get a definite date for your move it is best to get your removal company booked often certain dates or times of the month can be very busy with end of contracts and exchanges falling on the same dates try our online removal quotes fill in quote form only takes couple minutes. So what are you waiting for the weather is beautiful all year round and the Spanish beach resorts are some of the prettiest in the world. The way of life in Spain is more relaxed than in the UK

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