Removal Boxes and Packing Supplies

What removal boxes and packing supplies do you need for a safe secure and efficiently packed home move.

When moving date is getting nearer you will have to think about getting all your belongings packed, boxed up ready for the removal men. It’s essential you plan and acquire the right removal boxes and additional supplies. This will help secure your goods in the van during transit. Man and Van have put together a list of the packing supplies you will need for a successful home move.

removal boxes

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  • Cardboard Removal Boxes
  • Bubble wrap paper/tissues
  • Vacuum Bags
  • Home Removal Kits
  • Tape and marker pen
removal boxes for moving home

Plan your packing for a successful organised move

Removal Boxes

A range of home and office removal boxes and packing materials are available. Customers can buy boxes to suit all items that need to be packed and secured for transport. I will describe various packing supplies and materials and how to use them. Purchase your removal boxes well in advance of moving day.

It is advisable to acquire plenty of boxes and packing supplies. Regardless of how big or small your home might appear. You will probably need more boxes than you would think when packing starts. Once you’ve moved in and unpacked all of your removal boxes. You can simply flatten your boxes ready for cardboard recycling or store them ready for your next move.

Small Removal Boxes

Perfect for moving home and ideal for beginning the moving process. These boxes can used as general packing boxes for items such as books, CDs, glassware, toiletries and much more. A general rule of packing is heavier items in small boxes and lighter items in big boxes. Visit our section on box packing advise for the correct way to pack removal boxes.

Tea-chest/Larger Boxes

These are large boxes in which you can pack lighter items like bedding, pillows, cushions and toys. These are strong boxes that are appropriate for larger items of low weight. These standard heavy-duty boxes are perfect for use when you are moving house as well as storage. Large packing boxes are easily stacked making the most of the space available in your removal van or self-storage unit.

Archive Boxes

This style of box is specifically made to be stacked for long term storage. They come flat packed and are very easy to assemble. It is designed to carry and store files, paper work, documents and company accounts. Archive boxes are normally supplied as a box with a separate lid with handle holes on either side for ease of manual transport. Although they are designed for document storage they can be used for household domestic items.

Wardrobe Removal Boxes

These boxes make moving all your clothes easy with these well-structured and handy boxes. Relocating all your clothing from one wardrobe to another in your new home is stress-free. The wardrobe box has a hanging rail across the width so it is just a case of transferring straight from the conventional wardrobe to the box wardrobe.
Wardrobe moving boxes have carry handles just push the flaps in on the sides of the box to create carry holes. Removal companies like to use wardrobe boxes they are light strong and the most practical way of moving clothes. Folding and organising clothes can be enormously tiresome and time-consuming these wardrobe moving boxes eliminate ironing again after moving day.

Picture/Mirror Boxes

It is challenge finding a way to pack mirrors, pictures and paintings when preparing for a house move. There are packing boxes specifically designed for the transportation of framed shaped items. Picture frame boxes are ideal to use as storage boxes for paintings to protect against accidental damage whilst being transported. You need to protect and ensure that the glass frame or mirror will not break or picture canvas rip. It is necessary to pack your framed pictures, paintings and mirrors in the correct cardboard boxes. We recommend using bubble wrap and additional packing material within the picture boxes for greater protection.

Picture frame boxes or sometimes called telescopic boxes are available in a choice of three standard widths. The telescopic box comprises of two open ended boxes that slide together and enable the boxes to fit snugly around a picture or mirror of any height. The lid basically slides over the base box to allow for the height of the box to fit perfectly around the picture or mirror inside. Picture boxes can be purchased in one piece in certain sizes with an open top that needs to be sealed once item as been secured inside.

Home Moving Kits

All you need in one kit with accessories to complete your home packing chores to a professional standard. Home moving kits come in different sizes depending on your home move size. They include a range of removal boxes to suit all household objects. The benefit of buying moving home kits is the inclusion of associated items like marker pen, tape dispenser and bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrapping is a great way to protect your possessions from damage while in transit or in storage. It’s lightweight and shock resistant and is great for popping the bubbles when stressed. Bubble wrap fills hollow interior spaces of removal boxes and packing cases during relocation. This will help keep your belongings secure during the moving process.

It is perfect for protecting many items from ornaments and glassware to pictures when moving home. Wrapping bubble wrap around the exterior of items creating a cushioning effect for many household items. This can prove important during your home or office relocation. Breakages happen during transit when boxes are being loaded and unloaded on the van.

You can purchase bubble wrap products for your home move in different lengths and different size bubbles. Depending on your moving needs general purpose bubble wrap, made from small bubbles is the most popular type of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap rolls are usually 100% recyclable, offering customers an efficient and environmentally friendly packaging product. Where to buy the cheapest bubble wrap products to protect your furniture and possessions when moving house.

Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum sealed bags are great for storage and packing when moving home. Compressing by removing the air with your vacuum cleaner creates a tight secure pack. Which can save you up to four times the space. Ideally used to store and transport clothes, bedding, blankets pillows. In fact any cloth or linen household items. They are convenient for clearing your wardrobes under bed draws and also keep your clothes dry and clear from dust and damp. When sealed they are airtight, light, firm and easy to carry and load onto your removal van.

Removal Blankets

Furniture blankets or transport blankets are ideal for protecting furniture of all shapes and sizes. Transport blankets used professional removal companies for wrapping furniture in transit and as storage blankets. If you are placing two items of furniture together in the removal van there is a good likelihood they will move once the van hits the road. Furniture can rub against each other so if you wrap each furniture item in blankets this will reduce the risk of damage.

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Booking Advice

How to get the most from your Man and Van, When booking your move certain factors should be taken into account to keep costs down and avoid problems read our advice pages. A few hints and tips to make your move easier, stairs can often increase the price of your man with a van so if possible and physically able have everything down stairs and ready to go. If your not able do not worry we have the manpower.