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Why hire a van when you can use a man and van for your small removals

Thinking of hiring a van for your up and coming home move, this can be a bigger task than you might of first considered. I know i may not be the most neutral person in the world to give this advice owning a small removal company in Manchester, but i would like to point out the pitfalls all the same.

  • When you return the van they will checked it over for any damage this can be a little nervy because they will have your credit card details and you will be liable for damage so make sure you record all scratches dents missing ashtrays or any other defect you can find if all is fine you will probably be put on a promise to have your deposit returned in full within 5 working days.
  • Make sure you are fully aware of the fuel policy are you picking it up empty and returning it empty or full and bringing it back full or will they just take a note of the fuel gauge and expect you to return it at the same marking. Fuel charges at most van hire companies will be a lot more expensive than your local Tesco petrol station.
  • Do you have a full license and have you had it for more than two years, insurance costs mean that many van hire companies require you to be 25 although there are some who will hire to ages 21 upwards. If you have points on your license you may be charged an additional fee imposed by the insurance company.
  • Check with the van hire company that there is no mileage limitations finding out that you are charged 15p per mile extra afterwards is not very pleasant if you have performed a small removals man and van move between Manchester and London.
  • Most people who hire vans for a one off small removal are not regular van drivers. It’s not harder to drive a van but you will have to use your mirrors more with less visibility around the sides and back. Reversing can be problematic gauging your distances so I would recommend getting someone to reverse you in. If you hire a long wheel base van like the vans we use Mercedes Sprinters this is whole lot different than a car the load space is great but the length is well over 4 meters so this can be tricky getting used to the length when turning in tight spaces.
  • Also remember it will run on diesel fuel it is easy to fill with petrol when that is what you are used to doing!

 Why use a man and van service

  • We will come at your time and convenience you will have no need to travel to a van hire location to collect a van.
  • All our prices include fuel time and all extras the price you are quoted is the price you pay.
  • Lifting heavy boxes and furniture can damage your back avoid all the heavy lifting by having us do it.
  • There is a technique getting bulky furniture items through doorways and up and down stairs without causing damage to walls and doors. We are experienced in all manor of furniture manipulation and will make sure you get your deposit back when you leave your old home!

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