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Manchester is giving it large on London

Manchester is becoming the London of the North


London, being the capital, has always been the place to go for work and life prospects but it’s got competition with Manchester rapidly becoming the powerhouse of the North. The gravitational pull to this vibrant city is hard to ignore, its growing city living population is creating a pulsating place to live and work.

Nick Willis from, a leading moving service provider based in Manchester has seen a big increase in the number of people moving to Manchester from London. In the first quarter of 2015 removal bookings are up 20% on the previous year. Nick says “Manchester property is such an attractive proposition compared to London’s property prices and Manchester has so much going for it, outside of London it’s the best place in my opinion for food, music, culture and just good quality lifestyle. I always ask my customers who are moving to Manchester from London what it is that attracts them and its always positive feedback, be it the housing prices, work, the warm Mancunion welcome or just the good standard of living.” West executive director of the Homes and Communities Agency, Deborah McLaughlin Speaking at MIPIM in Cannes, also said “Manchester is a great city to live and is now widely recognized as one of the most livable cities in the world ahead of New York, London and Milan. Manchester has gone from an industrial Lowry landscape to a funky diverse place to live work.

Manchester has a rich heritage with facilities for people of all backgrounds, positives are many including the largest single site university in the UK with the biggest student population, many of which stay in Manchester adding youth and vibrancy. The BBC moved many departments to Media City Salford including BBC Children’s TV, Radio 5 live, BBC Sport and BBC Breakfast.

They also have two of the top Football teams in the world namely Man Utd and Manchester City Football Club who are owned by the Abu Dhabi United Group who have invested heavily into two emerging East Manchester neighbourhoods. is a moving service for full and part loads, providing residential and business removals between Manchester and London. They are professional, insured, with many years’ experience in the domestic moving industry.

For more information about the company and for free moving quote please feel free to visit their website at or call customer advice number.

Company: Manchester Man and Van

Contact: Nick Willis

Web site:

Company Address: Wilmslow Road Didsbury Manchester

Contact Information: 07944 079 878

Email Address:

Man and Van Spain expats returning to Spain

man and van to SpainMan and Van UK Removals to Spain.

Many from the United Kingdom wish to achieve the dream of someday moving abroad. Be it retirement, a new job or just the chance to change things up a little, more often than not the destination is Spain

Why Spain? Well Brits have been traveling there for decades. A short plane journey and great weather have always made it a hotspot destination for people of all ages and walks of life. Many have fallen in love with the country and choose to uproot theirs lives and move.

Recent years have seen a decline in the economy, so many assume that the dream of moving over to Spain from the UK is nothing more than that –a dream.

Man and Van UK Removals to Spain believe otherwise however. Having been at the forefront of the removal and relocation of British citizens to Spain for a number of years, what we see tells a different story, one telling us that this dream of moving on is not only an attainable one, but a lot easier than you may think. Taking bookings from across the nation, Man and Van UK Removals to Spain have seen a great number of increases of people making enquiries. Simply put the numbers are showing no signs of subsiding, with numerous interested UK nations wanting help with their move to Spain.

So why are so many continuing to relocate to sunny Spain? There are a plethora of reasons why 20people might fancy the adventure of moving from Britain to Spain.

Firstly, there is property – or more specifically the prices of property. Over in Spain property prices have never been lower! That’s why many are taking the chance to cash in while the market is good. It is a market for buyers, and buyers are finding themselves great deals on property across the country. What is better than getting a new property in Spain? Getting property in Spain at an amazing price!

The economy of Europe has been turbulent over the past few years to say the least, and with it the currency rates. However recent stability has made the pound stronger than it had been, so you are now getting the best value for the euro in years – a perfect time to capitalize when considering a move to Spain.

Unfortunately the UK weather is off putting too many, so if it’s a warmer climate they seek, there are plenty of choices across the world. The Mediterranean climate of Spain is well noted, and one of the reasons it is such a popular destination. No reason to spend a fortune going half way across the world for the sun!

Finally, we all know how hard it can be being away from loved ones. It’s a reason many will put off moving somewhere new, particularly when going as far as Spain. However, when you consider how far it really is, its and ideal location for people moving from Britain.

Only a few short hours on the plane, and easily reachable by vehicle, it is ideal for those who want to journey back and forth. Be it you have two homes or you like to visit those back home, Spain’s relative closeness to the UK makes it a perfect relocation destination, and another reason why so many chose to go there

Who is using man and van

Lots of small businesses are now using info graphics to get important messages across to their customers Manchester man and van has created their own quickly created info-graphic, this is a rough mock up so please be understanding of the actual message it is trying to get across. Who is using a small removal company offering the man and van service now so popular with customers from all backgrounds and demographics. Stats can show variable like percentage of people using a man and van service averse to using big priced removal company. They also move rubbish to the tip.

1: Full house removals with more than one man to help with fully furnished house move.
2: Part house moves with less furniture but still need additional skilled moving man.
3: Office removals where the budget is not large enough for full removal team.
4: Single item moves, delivering eBay items or store collections of larger furniture items.
5: Students moving bags and boxes at the end of term either to new digs or back to parents.6 Young Professionals, Mostly renting Manchester city center furnished apartments.

info graphic

Catalytic converter theives

These professional crooks have been at it again targeting one of our Mercedes luton removal vans and stealing a catalytic converter exhaust and the ArmaCat Catalytic Converter anti-theft device they took the lot! also smashed the quarter light to gain entry in to the cab presumably to open the bonnet which they also damaged in the process. I think the only security is to have vans parked in well lit busy areas with your own movement protection cctv. Everyone in the trade and van sales has a story to tell about the theft of catalytic converters some having numerous stolen at a time, thefts have doubled over the last few years reported by BBC story everyone be vigilant the catalytic convert thefts are on the rise!

Some people are really annoyed about the continuing theft of Catalytic converters please be warned this lady’s language may not be suitable for children she is speaking in patio Jamaican language and is expressing extreme displeasure at the thieves and what she would like to do to them.

Catalytic converter thefts by force

Force 2010 2011 2012 2013 Total
Avon & Somerset 39 242 83 364
Bedfordshire 31 138 340 212 721
Cambridgeshire 107 224 228 213 772
Cheshire 67 164 208 72 511
Cleveland 14 12 25 8 59
Cumbria 11 32 33 18 94
Derbyshire 43 67 147 44 301
Devon & Cornwall 68 113 207 49 437
Dorset 41 40 108 12 201
Durham 191 159 68 418
Dyfed-Powys 2 28 55 41 126
Gloucestershire 53 271 178 122 624
Greater Manchester 79 161 285 104 629
Gwent 14 21 38 24 97
Hertfordshire 244 347 402 204 1,197
Humberside 14 52 113 26 205
Kent 434 347 239 248 1,268
Lancashire 27 59 40 23 149
Leicestershire 195 260 633 174 1,262
Lincolnshire 24 69 175 62 330
Merseyside 20 40 142 42 244
Metropolitan Police 664 1,056 1,181 616 3,517
Norfolk 270 178 192 129 769
Northamptonshire 91 166 266 138 661
Northumbria 47 135 59 21 262
North Wales 16 48 34 26 124
Nottinghamshire 70 87 343 86 586
South Wales 23 55 88 28 194
South Yorkshire 15 70 177 104 366
Staffordshire 83 143 240 89 555
Suffolk 152 157 234 202 745
Surrey 345 436 196 31 1,008
Sussex 64 158 118 52 392
Thames Valley 173 626 588 425 1,812
Warwickshire 48 46 81 43 218
West Mercia 182 495 495 342 1,514
West Midlands 141 272 192 160 765
West Yorkshire 50 366 386 123 925
Police Service of Northern Ireland 2 8 5 2 17
Police Service of Scotland: Aberdeen – Legacy Grampian Police 2 3 0 3 8
Police Service of Scotland: Dumfries – Legacy Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary 1 4 5
Police Service of Scotland: Dundee – Legacy Tayside Police 4 4 10 1 19
Police Service of Scotland: Edinburgh – Legacy Lothian and Borders Police 2 3 0 3 1
Police Service of Scotland: Glasgow – Strathclyde Police 21 45 60 7 133
Police Service of Scotland: Glenrothes – Legacy Fife Constabulary 2 3 0 1 6
Police Service of Scotland: Stirling – Legacy Central Police 2 1 4 0 7
Grand Total 3,957 7,236 8,947 4,485 24,618

Removals to Spain

Why move to Spain

With Nicks man and van to Spain More Than 550,000 Britons Now Own Property in Spain. The British are coming the British are coming. Well, yes, they are but, this time to Spain and not to Canada. The British are moving out of the UK in droves and are buying up property in Spain. One in three Brits wants to retreat to Spain. Spain is cheaper than the UK, has lovely weather all year round, Spaniards are friendly, the wine is great, and the Spanish government is very welcoming. I have been toying with the idea of moving to Spain. Spain really is heaven on earth.

Over half a million Brits now own property in Spain. In some small Spanish villages, they make up a large ratio of the population. More than 25% of them are qualified to vote in Spain on national issues, and voting rights on local issues look to be soon to follow. Spain is becoming home to the English, but why. The United Kingdom is one of the priciest countries in Europe. Taxes are high, the crime rate is rising, immigration is a mess, the weather is terrible, and a lot of British feel the government stopped listening to them years ago. In a sensible way, the removals to spainBritish, on the whole, are a really unhappy moaning people.

Many UK citizens will dream of one day removals to Spain and retiring in sunny Spain. After all, thousands of people have done so in the past, and thousands more are planning to do so in the future. Considering the many benefits of living in and buying property in Spain for your retirement such as the lower cost of living, excellent local cuisine and fantastic climate why wouldn’t you want to move to this beautiful country? When you get a definite date for your move it is best to get your removal company booked often certain dates or times of the month can be very busy with end of contracts and exchanges falling on the same dates try our online removal quotes fill in quote form only takes couple minutes. So what are you waiting for the weather is beautiful all year round and the Spanish beach resorts are some of the prettiest in the world. The way of life in Spain is more relaxed than in the UK


Firstly search for a man and van service not a removal company although Removal Company’s offer a man and van service you will find you get the best price from a self-employed man and van service in general. When requesting your student removal quote let them know you are a student because you may be eligible for discount.

To keep the cost down further and if you are fit and able when booking inform the man and van service that you are willing to load and unload the van yourself. The man and van will pack the back of the van to make sure everything is secure in transit. If your belongings are upstairs tell man and van that you will have them on the ground floor and when they arrive at the delivery address, everything will be going to the ground floor as stairs can increase the quote. If you have been drinking the night before or if your physically not able please state when booking.

Prior to your move to save money on removal boxes visit you local supermarket or grosser who will be more than happy to supply you. An ideal box for a student move is a banana box which is strong and sturdy and good for packing books. A general rule for packing is to put lighter items in bigger boxes and heavy items in smaller boxes. If you are moving any awkward items like bicycles or timpani drums for example or extremely heavy items please inform when requesting a removal quote.

If your living in a shared house, living in halls of residents or have friends locally and they are moving try and incorporate there student moves with yours thus keeping the cost down by sharing the van. If you are moving long distant like from Manchester to London and you know any other students moving roughly the same destinations then it does make economic sense to share the removal van also if you are traveling a long distance by train ask if you can travel in the vehicle a lot of the time the driver will be glad of the company in the van which can make the journey go a lot quicker.


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Quick quote for professional man and van. Fill in the form below for FREE no obligation man and van quote in Manchester get a quoteDon't like forms? Call Nick Now for instant quote Tel: 07944 079878


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Booking Advice

How to get the most from your Man and Van, When booking your move certain factors should be taken into account to keep costs down and avoid problems read our advice pages. A few hints and tips to make your move easier, stairs can often increase the price of your man with a van so if possible and physically able have everything down stairs and ready to go. If your not able do not worry we have the manpower.