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Man and Van has done a removal from Preston to Scotland today, when we arrived in Glasgow there was no one at the residence and no one was answering the phone so instead of waiting around Man and Van went looking for some shops to get something to eat. The area was called the Gorbals which I believe from being told that it was known for being notoriously rough in past years. We had to drive around for at least half an hour before we found a Gregg’s bakery. What a miserable day it’s been, it hasn’t stopped raining all day, and I wish we were doing a removal to sunny Spain but we’re not living in a dream ‘shame’. This morning I thought better rap up warm because it was freezing and I was right as soon as Manchester removals arrived in Preston it started raining which hasn’t help with the aerial on the radio or on the dongle. Never mind because the drive up to Scotland hasn’t been bad at all. There is a lot of scenery to look at, it would of look a lot nicer if the weather had been better but it’s still lovely to look at. Luckily an hour and a half later the customer was in, she had a broken leg so apologised for not being able to help, I think she felt bad but we didn’t expect her to help especially when she had broken her leg trying to bring her belongings up to Scotland herself. She had asked a friend if he could borrow a van and take her up to Scotland with her stuff and he said yes, On the way to Scotland they hit the hard shoulder as that happened the gear box came out and crushed the girls leg breaking it. Unfortunately the van toppled over ready to roll down a hill they managed to break free from the van but most of their belongings had been battered and broken so Man and Van only moved a few bags and boxes, the rest was no good.
After unloading we headed straight home to Manchester  from Glasgow. It had been a good day on the road, the motorways were clear going there and coming back. I was glad to get home though so i could relax, have a bath and get straight in bed for the next day of removals.

We do regular removals to Scotland from Manchester covering areas from Aberdeen Inverness and Glasgow to Edinburgh

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