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Manchester is giving it large on London

Manchester is becoming the London of the North


London, being the capital, has always been the place to go for work and life prospects but it’s got competition with Manchester rapidly becoming the powerhouse of the North. The gravitational pull to this vibrant city is hard to ignore, its growing city living population is creating a pulsating place to live and work.

Nick Willis from, a leading moving service provider based in Manchester has seen a big increase in the number of people moving to Manchester from London. In the first quarter of 2015 removal bookings are up 20% on the previous year. Nick says “Manchester property is such an attractive proposition compared to London’s property prices and Manchester has so much going for it, outside of London it’s the best place in my opinion for food, music, culture and just good quality lifestyle. I always ask my customers who are moving to Manchester from London what it is that attracts them and its always positive feedback, be it the housing prices, work, the warm Mancunion welcome or just the good standard of living.” West executive director of the Homes and Communities Agency, Deborah McLaughlin Speaking at MIPIM in Cannes, also said “Manchester is a great city to live and is now widely recognized as one of the most livable cities in the world ahead of New York, London and Milan. Manchester has gone from an industrial Lowry landscape to a funky diverse place to live work.

Manchester has a rich heritage with facilities for people of all backgrounds, positives are many including the largest single site university in the UK with the biggest student population, many of which stay in Manchester adding youth and vibrancy. The BBC moved many departments to Media City Salford including BBC Children’s TV, Radio 5 live, BBC Sport and BBC Breakfast.

They also have two of the top Football teams in the world namely Man Utd and Manchester City Football Club who are owned by the Abu Dhabi United Group who have invested heavily into two emerging East Manchester neighbourhoods. is a moving service for full and part loads, providing residential and business removals between Manchester and London. They are professional, insured, with many years’ experience in the domestic moving industry.

For more information about the company and for free moving quote please feel free to visit their website at or call customer advice number.

Company: Manchester Man and Van

Contact: Nick Willis

Web site:

Company Address: Wilmslow Road Didsbury Manchester

Contact Information: 07944 079 878

Email Address:

Man and Van Spain expats returning to Spain

man and van to SpainMan and Van UK Removals to Spain.

Many from the United Kingdom wish to achieve the dream of someday moving abroad. Be it retirement, a new job or just the chance to change things up a little, more often than not the destination is Spain

Why Spain? Well Brits have been traveling there for decades. A short plane journey and great weather have always made it a hotspot destination for people of all ages and walks of life. Many have fallen in love with the country and choose to uproot theirs lives and move.

Recent years have seen a decline in the economy, so many assume that the dream of moving over to Spain from the UK is nothing more than that –a dream.

Man and Van UK Removals to Spain believe otherwise however. Having been at the forefront of the removal and relocation of British citizens to Spain for a number of years, what we see tells a different story, one telling us that this dream of moving on is not only an attainable one, but a lot easier than you may think. Taking bookings from across the nation, Man and Van UK Removals to Spain have seen a great number of increases of people making enquiries. Simply put the numbers are showing no signs of subsiding, with numerous interested UK nations wanting help with their move to Spain.

So why are so many continuing to relocate to sunny Spain? There are a plethora of reasons why 20people might fancy the adventure of moving from Britain to Spain.

Firstly, there is property – or more specifically the prices of property. Over in Spain property prices have never been lower! That’s why many are taking the chance to cash in while the market is good. It is a market for buyers, and buyers are finding themselves great deals on property across the country. What is better than getting a new property in Spain? Getting property in Spain at an amazing price!

The economy of Europe has been turbulent over the past few years to say the least, and with it the currency rates. However recent stability has made the pound stronger than it had been, so you are now getting the best value for the euro in years – a perfect time to capitalize when considering a move to Spain.

Unfortunately the UK weather is off putting too many, so if it’s a warmer climate they seek, there are plenty of choices across the world. The Mediterranean climate of Spain is well noted, and one of the reasons it is such a popular destination. No reason to spend a fortune going half way across the world for the sun!

Finally, we all know how hard it can be being away from loved ones. It’s a reason many will put off moving somewhere new, particularly when going as far as Spain. However, when you consider how far it really is, its and ideal location for people moving from Britain.

Only a few short hours on the plane, and easily reachable by vehicle, it is ideal for those who want to journey back and forth. Be it you have two homes or you like to visit those back home, Spain’s relative closeness to the UK makes it a perfect relocation destination, and another reason why so many chose to go there

Who is using man and van

Lots of small businesses are now using info graphics to get important messages across to their customers Manchester man and van has created their own quickly created info-graphic, this is a rough mock up so please be understanding of the actual message it is trying to get across. Who is using a small removal company offering the man and van service now so popular with customers from all backgrounds and demographics. Stats can show variable like percentage of people using a man and van service averse to using big priced removal company. They also move rubbish to the tip.

1: Full house removals with more than one man to help with fully furnished house move.
2: Part house moves with less furniture but still need additional skilled moving man.
3: Office removals where the budget is not large enough for full removal team.
4: Single item moves, delivering eBay items or store collections of larger furniture items.
5: Students moving bags and boxes at the end of term either to new digs or back to parents.6 Young Professionals, Mostly renting Manchester city center furnished apartments.

info graphic

Moving home after break up

Moving home story with a justified ending

I spent the first day packing my possessions into removal boxes and packing crates.Bad house smells

On the second day, I had the removal company come and load all my belongings.

On the third day, I sat down for a last meal at the magnificent dining table by candle light, I put on some blues background music, and indulged myself on shrimp, caviar and steak and a bottle of champagne.

When I had finished my fine meal, I went into each room and every room of the house and placed several half eaten shrimp shells plunged in caviar into the ends of the curtain rods.

I then cleaned up washed the pots and left…

When the ex-wife returned with her lover, all was heaven for the first few days.

Then gradually, the house began to emanate a terrible smell.

They tried cleaning, mopping and airing the place out everything.

Drains were checked for blockages and carpets were steam cleaned.

Air fresheners were hung throughout the house. Rentokil were brought in to fumigate the whole houses, for this period of time they had to move into a hotel, even paying to replace the costly wool carpeting. Nothing worked and they were totally fed up

Visitors stopped calling.

Workmen snubbed the work offered in the house.

The house worker cleaner left.

Finally, they could not handle the reek any longer and decided to move out.

A month later, even though they had cut their price in half, they could not find a buyer for their stinky house.

After a month they decided to reduce the price after the smell had run any potential buyers away and in the end even the local estate agent declined to return their calls.

Finally, they had to get a new mortgage to buy another house. House move

I called the ex-wife and asked how life was going.

She told me the story of the putrid house. I listened courteously and told her how much i missed my old home and would be eager to buy the house back.

Thinking I had no idea how bad the smell was she agreed on a price that was half what the house had been worth, but only if I would agree to sign the papers that day.

I agreed and without further delay she had the papers sent by courier from her solicitors that very day.

Two weeks later conveyance paper work completed her and her boyfriend stood amused as they watched the removal company load the van to take them to their new home…..

And to spite me, they even took the curtain rods.

I used man and van to move my stuff back in!

Removals to France

Removals to your new place in France

So you’re moving to France? Most people choose to take some or all of their furniture and belongings with them to help them settle and feel at home in their new home in France. We can even deliver your DIY materials to your French building projects. You’ll have lots to think about and organise so let us worry about getting your belongings there. Removals to France is second nature to

removals to france

Man and van Removals to France with expert knowledge and experience moving people to France we will guide you through the procedure, and help every step of the way.
Removals to France are usually undertaken by road most European removal companies that work out of the UK will quote for French removals especially movers that do direct loads to Spain passing through France on the way. Depending on your date and budget requests Man and van France will tailor your proposal to suit your needs you are in a good bargain position for a part load to France.
Dedicated Load: A dedicated removal van with just your goods on board and porter team for removals to France is assigned to your move; dates are at your request for pick up and deliver to France. This type of move will not have any other part loads on board and is usually the costly option.
Direct Load: You select the date for the removals to France to meet your needs and you are the primary load however other customers with destinations en route may share the space on your vehicle to help keep your removal to France quote has low as possible.
Part Load: This will deliver your goods on arranged dates with yourself but may share a removal vehicle with other clients moving to France or Spain with goods on board. A date for pickup and delivery will be arranged before booking removals to France with a final delivery date established before the vehicle leaves.

Happy days relaxing in the pleasant sunshine with a glass of wine………………………..

Catalytic converter theives

These professional crooks have been at it again targeting one of our Mercedes luton removal vans and stealing a catalytic converter exhaust and the ArmaCat Catalytic Converter anti-theft device they took the lot! also smashed the quarter light to gain entry in to the cab presumably to open the bonnet which they also damaged in the process. I think the only security is to have vans parked in well lit busy areas with your own movement protection cctv. Everyone in the trade and van sales has a story to tell about the theft of catalytic converters some having numerous stolen at a time, thefts have doubled over the last few years reported by BBC story everyone be vigilant the catalytic convert thefts are on the rise!

Some people are really annoyed about the continuing theft of Catalytic converters please be warned this lady’s language may not be suitable for children she is speaking in patio Jamaican language and is expressing extreme displeasure at the thieves and what she would like to do to them.

Catalytic converter thefts by force

Force 2010 2011 2012 2013 Total
Avon & Somerset 39 242 83 364
Bedfordshire 31 138 340 212 721
Cambridgeshire 107 224 228 213 772
Cheshire 67 164 208 72 511
Cleveland 14 12 25 8 59
Cumbria 11 32 33 18 94
Derbyshire 43 67 147 44 301
Devon & Cornwall 68 113 207 49 437
Dorset 41 40 108 12 201
Durham 191 159 68 418
Dyfed-Powys 2 28 55 41 126
Gloucestershire 53 271 178 122 624
Greater Manchester 79 161 285 104 629
Gwent 14 21 38 24 97
Hertfordshire 244 347 402 204 1,197
Humberside 14 52 113 26 205
Kent 434 347 239 248 1,268
Lancashire 27 59 40 23 149
Leicestershire 195 260 633 174 1,262
Lincolnshire 24 69 175 62 330
Merseyside 20 40 142 42 244
Metropolitan Police 664 1,056 1,181 616 3,517
Norfolk 270 178 192 129 769
Northamptonshire 91 166 266 138 661
Northumbria 47 135 59 21 262
North Wales 16 48 34 26 124
Nottinghamshire 70 87 343 86 586
South Wales 23 55 88 28 194
South Yorkshire 15 70 177 104 366
Staffordshire 83 143 240 89 555
Suffolk 152 157 234 202 745
Surrey 345 436 196 31 1,008
Sussex 64 158 118 52 392
Thames Valley 173 626 588 425 1,812
Warwickshire 48 46 81 43 218
West Mercia 182 495 495 342 1,514
West Midlands 141 272 192 160 765
West Yorkshire 50 366 386 123 925
Police Service of Northern Ireland 2 8 5 2 17
Police Service of Scotland: Aberdeen – Legacy Grampian Police 2 3 0 3 8
Police Service of Scotland: Dumfries – Legacy Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary 1 4 5
Police Service of Scotland: Dundee – Legacy Tayside Police 4 4 10 1 19
Police Service of Scotland: Edinburgh – Legacy Lothian and Borders Police 2 3 0 3 1
Police Service of Scotland: Glasgow – Strathclyde Police 21 45 60 7 133
Police Service of Scotland: Glenrothes – Legacy Fife Constabulary 2 3 0 1 6
Police Service of Scotland: Stirling – Legacy Central Police 2 1 4 0 7
Grand Total 3,957 7,236 8,947 4,485 24,618

Removals with man and van

Man with Van Hire the Benefits
Moving households is not as easy as one may consider. That is why it requires appropriate planning. For instance, you should try to survey and organize your things so you will know which ones are for the bin, for storage and for moving to your new place. Though a percentage of people attempt to try it on their own, it is so much useful when you employ a man and van as an alternative. You can ask your kinfolk and friends for assistance to do the lifting and the whole shebang but you won’t be popular.

If you are moving from a furnished, rented place, a studio or a small flat. Now you could save on removal charges by using a man with a van. Whether you want to transport a furniture item across the UK or you have a minor moving job that needs doing, the man and van service can work out to be the right choice for convenience and cost. These services are in every UK city all over the country, they are becoming more and more standard with tenants and commercial businesses.  Everybody that needs something moving can hire a removals with man and van service.

The Master Musicians of Joujouka

Master Musicians of Joujouka

As you know Man and Van is a fan of Brian Jones and being a fan of Brian Jones I have discovered The Master Musicians of Joujouka. In the southern Rif Mountains of Northern Morocco Bachir Attar is the leader of the Master Musicians of Joujouka. Joujouka is an ancient village where the Master Musicians and the sanctuary saint Sidi Ahmed Sheikh live. muscians joujoukaThe secrets and music of Joujouka have been passed down in generations for around 4000 years. The musicians are taught how to play this unique way of playing this complex music and after years of learning and concentration they finally become Malims of Masters. When they are finally called Malims or Master the possess Baraka which is the blessing of Allah and it gives them the power to heal, and they have the ability to play the most powerful music around.
The kingdom of Morocco has employed the Master Musicians to play for the king for many centuries. Being the kings royal musicians, they got privileges and to prove this they were given papers detailing there rights.
In the 1960 the Master Musicians did there first recording led by Bachir Attar’s farther (Hadji Abdessalem Attar), including Brian Jones.
Once a year for a couple of days you can buy tickets to go over to Joujouka and stay with the master musicians and there families. This is very generous of the Moroccan families as they supply you with food, drink, a place to stay, entertainment and a chance to join in with the festival and learn a bit about there culture.
Burning DanceManchester removals has known about the festival for a good few years now, but it’s only now that I’m thinking of packing my bags and going over there. I’ve always wanted to but always been to busy, But luckily I’ve now had a place reserved for me to go over in June 2010 because there are only 50 places altogether. This is going to be an amazing experience and I can’t wait.
Man and Van does removals from the UK to Spain, which is a ferrie ride away from Morocco so hopefully round about the time Man and Van goes over to Joujouka i will have a job going there anyway instead of one of the workers. No rest for the wicked!!!!

Man and Van’s visit to Manchesters science museum

Man and Van has had the pleasure of visiting The Science and Industry Museum located in Manchester’s town center. The museum is perfect for family days out and has a range of activities. There is something for everyone, with five building full of Manchester’s scientific and industrial past, present and future you’ll never get bored. Manchester Removals were glad to experience the mysteries and the wonders of Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum and there’s nothing to complain about because it’s all FREE!!!.steam engine
The museum has one of the world’s largest collections of all sorts of engines based in   the Power Hall and you can learn how they came about, who invented them, when they were invented, how they work and how they have evolved, discover how Victorian engineering made Manchester the world leader in machine tools. Also learn about the textiles and the paper making industry and how they were brought to the Manchester and how they shaped modern Manchester, before the eighteenth century the paper making industry was concentrated around London, by 1807 Bury became a center of paper making machinery manufacture. Find out how are sound systems have come from wax cylinders to walkmans.
The Museum has much more to go and see, they have a large variety of subjects like Transport, Communication, Energy, Industry and Innovation, Science and Technology and people. They explore all prospects of the subjects and have demonstrations that you can join in with and experience, so you get more of an idea and understanding on them. Man and Van has joined in with the demonstrations taking place at the time of our visit and found it a great help in understanding the subjects.
There are learning classes at the museum for people studying in the same subjects  as the Museum, unfortunately they are not all free although some are but you would not have the same opportunities else where.
Manchester Man and Van’s experience at the museum was outstanding and Man and Van had the opportunity to join in activities and understand a bit more about how Manchester’s industry has got to where it is today. Manchester is really glad to have shared this with you and hopes that you will visit the Science and Industry Museum yourself, so you can enjoy the experience for yourself and find out what else happens there.
There is also a cafe so you can sit down and have a drink or a bit to eat and if you would like a souvenir you can visit the shop.
Why not become a member of  THE SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY

Diversion through Cheltenham to London Brian Jones Grave

Man and Van to Cheltenham

Man and van is a big fan of Brian Jones. I can probably guess what you’re thinking, who is Brian Jones? Brian Jones is the founding member of  The Rolling Stones, who introduced blues music to the UK some of the most influential people of that era i.e. Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Elmore James and Chuck Berry . He died in 1969 at the age of 27 in the swimming pool at Cotchford far m the house once owed by A.A.Milne the author of  Winnie the pooh and was said to have drowned, there has been suspicions that he was murdered which personally i believe.Brian Jones Grave
On the way back from a Manchester to London removal i made a decoy through Cheltenham to see his grave and some properties he once occupied i arrived in Cheltenham town Center near the shops at around 4pm, and just as i arrived at the graveyard it was closing for the night. Well i was given five minute to look for his grave and couldn’t find it so i was asked to leave. I was really disappointed I’d drove miles out of my way to see his grave so i waited for the workers to leave and snuck back in, climbing over the spiked railing. Eventually i found the grave. It was an amazing experience and also quiet sad but it was worth the long distance traveling.



Man and Van is a big fan of Brian Jones. Brian Jones is the founding member of The Rolling Stones. There would be no Rolling Stones without him. Lewis Brian Hopkin-Jones was born to a loveless childhood on the 28th of February 1942 at the Park Nursing home Cheltenham, the eldest of three children, one of whom, Pamela, died tragically young at the age of two. His second sister Barbra was just four years his junior.sold his soul to the devil
Brian had a passion for music from a young age and music seemed to run in the family, his mother, Louisa Beatrice Jones was a piano teacher so Brian learnt to play quiet young until he was fourteen. At twelve he started learning to play the clarinet for the school orchestra and after two years was the lead clarinetist. Brian’s rebellious side started earlier in life, but despite that he got nine 0-level passes in the general certificate of education and two A-levels in physics and chemistry.
Brian had a real passion for ethnic American music, Rhythm and Blues such as the great  Chuck Berry, Robert Johnson ( in the picture on the right), Elmore James and B.B.King and wanted to start his own R & B band, so Brian packed his bags and moved to London after exploring Europe. He had been going down to the clubs in London and had met people who had the same ambitions and love for music he did.
London was where he met Mick Jagger and Keith Richards but at this point he already had a band and he didn’t invite them to join him at first. Mick and Keith were amazed with his musical skill on especially on the guitar. After a while Brian invited Keith to join his band because one of the guitar players had left threw work but Keith wanted Mick to join as well, Brian agreed. For the next few year the founding member of the band Brian Jones would be the leader of the band getting Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman in the clan too. Brian got them all there gigs in the clubs and it was him who knew all the right people, but at first people didn’t like them because there hair grew over their ears and they looked grubby but the more they played the more people wanted to hear them. The Rolling Stones aim was never to be pop stars they just wanted to bring blues music to England and spread round the country.
Brian JonesThrough the years of fame Brian was in and out of psychiatric clinic for depression, paranoia and addition, he lost the one women he loved above all others to Keith Richards which led him to go deeper in to depression and drug abuse and in 1969 Mick and Keith came to Brian’s house Cotchford farm once occupied by A.A.Milne (Author of Winnie the Pooh) and kicked him out of his own band.
Three weeks after being dropped from his own band Brian was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool on the 2nd of July 1969. His builder Frank Thorogood murdered him after a dispute over money. Brian had his live taken at the early age of  27 along with Kurt Cobain, Janice Joplin and Jimi Hendrix etc.

Getting ready to move

Getting Ready to Move Home

Manchester removals don’t just want to load and unload your property. Man and van  services can do more for you than just moving your belongings from one place to another because man and van understands the stress and hard work that goes into moving. Packing your  belongings is a major part of moving and to make sure your stuff is organised and packed safe and sound are removal company does a packaging service that sells cheap boxes, bubble rap and tape etc. packing materialsMaybe you have had no problems packing your belongings but you have a problem with where you property is going to be stored until you move, well that’s where Manchester removals can help you again. Manchester removals also has storage facilities and you can use are services for  a low rate per week. Don’t take unwanted items or junk to your new home get rid of it first. Book a rubbish clearances to clear and clean your old home.

Removal to Scotland

Scotland removals to Manchester

Man and Van has done a removal from Preston to Scotland today, when we arrived in Glasgow there was no one at the residence and no one was answering the phone so instead of waiting around Man and Van went looking for some shops to get something to eat. The area was called the Gorbals which I believe from being told that it was known for being notoriously rough in past years. We had to drive around for at least half an hour before we found a Gregg’s bakery. What a miserable day it’s been, it hasn’t stopped raining all day, and I wish we were doing a removal to sunny Spain but we’re not living in a dream ‘shame’. This morning I thought better rap up warm because it was freezing and I was right as soon as Manchester removals arrived in Preston it started raining which hasn’t help with the aerial on the radio or on the dongle. Never mind because the drive up to Scotland hasn’t been bad at all. There is a lot of scenery to look at, it would of look a lot nicer if the weather had been better but it’s still lovely to look at. Luckily an hour and a half later the customer was in, she had a broken leg so apologised for not being able to help, I think she felt bad but we didn’t expect her to help especially when she had broken her leg trying to bring her belongings up to Scotland herself. She had asked a friend if he could borrow a van and take her up to Scotland with her stuff and he said yes, On the way to Scotland they hit the hard shoulder as that happened the gear box came out and crushed the girls leg breaking it. Unfortunately the van toppled over ready to roll down a hill they managed to break free from the van but most of their belongings had been battered and broken so Man and Van only moved a few bags and boxes, the rest was no good.
After unloading we headed straight home to Manchester  from Glasgow. It had been a good day on the road, the motorways were clear going there and coming back. I was glad to get home though so i could relax, have a bath and get straight in bed for the next day of removals.

We do regular removals to Scotland from Manchester covering areas from Aberdeen Inverness and Glasgow to Edinburgh

Bill Wyman Manchester

Man and Van Manchester to see Bill Wyman at the Bridgewater Hall

Man and vans, Manchester small removal service got lucky on eBay. Man and Van was surfing the net and found that Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings are doing a concert at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall in mid November. Manchester removals thought this would be a good night for the workers to let there hair down and relax or NOT!!!Bill Wyman
Trying to get tickets with good seats has been a pain. The Bridgewater Hall only had six or seven tickets left and none of them where good seats a bit disappointing but if you want good seats at a concert you’ve got to get in there first unless you want to pay over the odds for them. Manchester Man and Van tried shopping eBay and was fortunate to find two tickets 3 rows from the front of the stage without paying over the odds “BONUS”
American R&B Blues music legend, Gary U.S. Bonds is going to be joining Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings as a special guest on the UK’s 2009 tour starting on October 28th and running until the 6th December.
Bill Wyman’s Rhytham Kings aren’t just playing at the Bridgewater Hall there playing all round the country. For more information on Bill Wyman’s Rytham Kings UK concert check out the website for Dated, Places, Tickets and Prices

Removals to Spain

Why move to Spain

With Nicks man and van to Spain More Than 550,000 Britons Now Own Property in Spain. The British are coming the British are coming. Well, yes, they are but, this time to Spain and not to Canada. The British are moving out of the UK in droves and are buying up property in Spain. One in three Brits wants to retreat to Spain. Spain is cheaper than the UK, has lovely weather all year round, Spaniards are friendly, the wine is great, and the Spanish government is very welcoming. I have been toying with the idea of moving to Spain. Spain really is heaven on earth.

Over half a million Brits now own property in Spain. In some small Spanish villages, they make up a large ratio of the population. More than 25% of them are qualified to vote in Spain on national issues, and voting rights on local issues look to be soon to follow. Spain is becoming home to the English, but why. The United Kingdom is one of the priciest countries in Europe. Taxes are high, the crime rate is rising, immigration is a mess, the weather is terrible, and a lot of British feel the government stopped listening to them years ago. In a sensible way, the removals to spainBritish, on the whole, are a really unhappy moaning people.

Many UK citizens will dream of one day removals to Spain and retiring in sunny Spain. After all, thousands of people have done so in the past, and thousands more are planning to do so in the future. Considering the many benefits of living in and buying property in Spain for your retirement such as the lower cost of living, excellent local cuisine and fantastic climate why wouldn’t you want to move to this beautiful country? When you get a definite date for your move it is best to get your removal company booked often certain dates or times of the month can be very busy with end of contracts and exchanges falling on the same dates try our online removal quotes fill in quote form only takes couple minutes. So what are you waiting for the weather is beautiful all year round and the Spanish beach resorts are some of the prettiest in the world. The way of life in Spain is more relaxed than in the UK

Manchester Self Storage

Self Storage Manchester

Is an easy way of storing anything from a removal boxes to the full contents of a house.
You transport your possessions either by yourself or use a Nicks Removals and put them in a locked storage room or larger unit of a particular size to contain your belongings, try to gauge the space you need so you do not book a space that is too big which will cost you more money, bring your own padlock they can be over priced when buying of the storage company. If you are moving to another city it may be an idea to leave a key with the storage company so if you do book a removal company to collect your belongings you don’t have to be there in person, sometimes this can save you time and money if say you have moved to London and your belongings are in Manchester storage.
Nearly all major cities and towns now have storage companies, so it is a good idea to get two or three quotes usually based on price per cubic meter, if you need to make regular trips to access your belongings it may be a good idea to book a storage company that is close by always visit the storage facility before booking your unit to get an idea that it is run correctly reputable storage companies are usually members of storage trade associations. When you decide on the company you wish to use you will have to sign an agreement which you will be required to read and sign before you can access your storage room. Some storage companies offer 24 hour access while others operate on a 9 to 5 basis with limited hours on weekends so check the opening hours, If you have a big consignment to store always allow for unloading and do not turn up 10 minutes before closing time.
Most Self Storage companies will have units over a number of floors but have goods lifts which are big enough to take most household items, however also be geared up to have to carry things upstairs. Barrows and sack trucks will be available to help with getting belongings from the van to your storage room make use of these; let them do the work not your back!
Goods not allowed to be stored area any flammable goods, explosives, perishable foodstuffs or goods or materials of a dangerous or illegal nature check with the storage company about their terms and conditions but most will not allow these goods.
Clean your garden equipment before storing it, Bikes, Metal tools and Tools can be prevented from rusting if they are to be in storage for a long time by wiping with an oily rag before storing. Make sure that all appliances are clean and dry and empty. Make sure that freezers and fridges are fully defrosted.
Place plastic sheeting on the floor of your storage room. If you have large storage room leave a walkway so you can gain access to items if you need to. Place heavy or bulky items in the room first to provide a good stacking base Plan your storage space put those items that you need to get to most often near the front, Pack it to the ceiling by placing heavier items like chests of drawers and wardrobes on the floor and lighter fragile items on top. Fill all the spaces gaps with softer lighter items like bags bedding and cushions close the door and don’t forget to lock and log room number.

Man and van on ebay

Man and Van service is a member of eBay, are you? EBay sells anything from bookmarks and stationary to furniture with prices that vary. Maybe you want to buy something for a family member or friend as a gift or maybe you want to treat your pets, you’ll defiantly be able to do so on eBay. They near enough sell anything and everything and you’ll always find a bargain. Shopping at eBay can save you £££ ebay deliveriesAre you having a clear out at your home instead of throwing good stuff out why don’t you make yourself a bit of cash by auction your unwanted belongings of on eBay. You might think that some of your belongings are only fit for the bin but believe there will be someone out there that is looking for what you have got. Even if it’s broken someone might need a part of it. So turn your Junk into $$$ CASH, CASH, CASH $$$ Man and Van run a long and short distance company and offer the most competitive rates. If you’re thinking of buying something of eBay big or small but your having second thoughts because your having problems with transporting your items, Man and Van can help.You can get a quote before you bid so you know the cost of transportation and we offer same day collection and delivery 7 days a week . You don’t even have to move out your living room, let your computer and Man and Van do the hard work. If you would like to use are services you can via email or telephone. shop collectionsNOT A MEMBER OF EBAY, WHY NOT REGISTER NOW BY CLICKING HERE

Man and Van

Welcome to Manchester Man and Van

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Moving to a new home can be a stressful process. But it doesn’t have to be Manchester Small removals Manchester Removals we are eager to help you with the your move.
Whether you’re moving around the corner, to London or another city or even moving to Spain removal to Spain or France, Van Man Manchester covers all the UK and is here to help you with all your moving needs. We offer complete moving services from packing and crating to all the heavy lifting and actual moving, and we are eager to help you make your move as fast and painless as possible.
No matter the size of your move, Manchester Van Man is here to help. We even offer storage services for those items that you aren’t ready to move just yet.
Make this move smooth with the help of Man and Van Manchester. Call us today!
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Booking Advice

How to get the most from your Man and Van, When booking your move certain factors should be taken into account to keep costs down and avoid problems read our advice pages. A few hints and tips to make your move easier, stairs can often increase the price of your man with a van so if possible and physically able have everything down stairs and ready to go. If your not able do not worry we have the manpower.